Saturday 15 August 2020
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Personalised CanvasFor You

Personalised CanvasFor You

Ever thought of turning your photo quality prints into a work of art, well if you haven’t we do have some cool ideas below that you can use to create some nice pieces of canvas art for your home or as a gift to your family members.

Personalised canvas is a sheet of canvas that contains some of the most personal images like the photos of your family members, projects and paintings of your kids all consolidated in one canvas sheet. It can also contain the names of your family members printed on a sizeable piece of canvas and then hung on the wall. There are so many things that you can create in terms of personalized canvas.

Birthdates can be printed out on canvas in the form of a family tree starting from the oldest member of the family to the youngest even if it is a grandchild. Personalized canvas are mostly used for wall décor, if not in living rooms then you could find them in companies depicting the founders or in offices with the various leaders imprinted on them.

Some people will give out personalized canvas prints with special words written as a message to a couple, or an older person during their birthdays, meaning that they can be used as gifts. You could also do a personal canvas with photos of a couple who recently got hitched, and present it as a gift. And if you don’t have time to make a personalized canvas then you can pay the professionals to make one for you.

Or better yet, you could do the whole process yourself using the below simple steps and save money. And the first step would be to get the necessary supplies from an art store. The things that you will need are the foam brushes or rollers, a canvas fabric, acrylic paint, glue, a canvas panel, and a printed photo.

And the first thing that you would do is to print the image on a regular paper to make it easy to transfer to the canvas, and then remove the excess paper. A reverse image of the print will then be created on the canvas, andyou will then proceed to coat the front of the canvas using gel medium and this will be done on the front of the canvas panel.

The above should be done fast while covering the entire front panel inclusive of the edges. You will then lay the print on the gel medium lining it up with the edges of the canvas panel, then rub on the print smoothly to ensure that it is well affixed to the gel and the canvas panel. Leave it to dry for about 24hours, after which you will realize that the print has been affixed permanently.

You will then proceed to rub the print with a damp cloth or sponge but be sure to squeeze out excess water. You will then wipe the sponge on the canvas panel or paper print, where you will realize that the paper is rubbing off; don’t worry though because the image from the print will remain. You are now on the last process where you will coat the front part of your print with the gel medium or mod podge, which will protect the image.

And when the gel or mod podge has dried out you can proceed to hang your print.