Beginner’s Help guide to Aerial Video

What’s aerial video?

Aerial video is, literally, a moving image taken in the air. With today’s today’s technology, it will always be taken with unmanned aerial systems – or ‘drones’ because they are more generally known. These drones are lightweight handheld remote control aircraft that may support a video camera they’ve produced an incredible chance to capture shots, formerly only accessible from the very costly helicopter. This really is fantastic, because it means even companies with smaller sized budgets is capable of really spectacular searching corporate video.

How can aerial video benefit my company?

By getting a company video with your eye-catching video production, it is a lot more prone to build relationships your customers and their attention. This helps to improve sales conversions or brand appeal after viewers be careful about your business video. Aerial video is a good chance to face among everyone else and also the competition to produce a striking first impression of the business. Alongside this, it provides an incredible chance to showcase your location’s advantages, access, and surrounding features from angles not formerly available.

Who are able to produce aerial video in my business?

There’s a couple of specialist video production companies available, however, almost all professional video production companies offer it alongside their normal video production services – in both-house or by getting inside a freelancer. It’s advised however to completely research a minimum of three providers of aerial video production companies for quotes as well as for the things they can provide. Play the role of as detailed as you possibly can when conveying exactly what you need to be able to get a better concept of costs, timescales, etc.

Surely aerial video is costly?

Like every business video production project, because of its bespoke nature it’s impossible to define a precise budget. While you might or might not know, business video isn’t and has not been ‘cheap’, yet considered a good investment it provides almost unmatched good value in marketing terms. With your a lot of possible uses, it’s incredibly versatile in being able to achieve prospective customers in ways not one other marketing technique can. The price of aerial video can differ because of the complex nature of some jobs. In case your shoot is comparatively simple then it might be realistic to have a much a brief 90 second fundamental corporate video filmed within a day, however, of course it is advisable to provide your local aerial video specialist a phone call to obtain an concept of prices.

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