Saturday 15 August 2020
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Advantages of using a Muslin Backdrops in Photography

Advantages of using a Muslin Backdrops in Photography

Photography is all about right technique, equipment, lighting and backdrops. When choosing backdrop for your photography, you can avail many options that are prevailing in the market like canvas, paper or muslin. In this article let’s especially talk about the famous muslin backdrops.

Muslin basically resembles a cotton fabric that’s around thousand years old and was mostly utilized for clothing purpose. Nowadays it’s highly recommended for stage events and photography. Though cotton that’s utilized for muslin backdrops is in highly raw form. The most important property of muslin is that it’s extremely rich in absorbing colors and dyes which can stay for years. Below are some major advantages of using Muslin as backdrops.

  1. Highly Durable

After a prolonged use also it still maintains its fabric quality and this makes muslin highly durable in nature. In contrast to other fabrics it can tolerate normal wear and tear making it reusable multiple times.

  1. Ease of Storage and Transport

Storing is other way round in case of muslin. Rather than proper folding this fabric which can leave creases, you can just gather it and stuff wherever you want, making the storing hassle free. Moreover, it’s not prone to damage if not transported carefully. It remains usable under any circumstances. Also, though muslin is a thick fabric but is low in density. Because of its lightweight you can carry it wherever you go.

  1. Appeal

Since muslin absorbs the dyes and paint very effectively, it stands very unique compared to other fabrics. Because of its vivid appearance this fabric is highly preferred by many photographers.  In addition, muslin can be experimented with unique and innovative pattern or designs. One can go in for innumerable options to choose from.

  1. Doesn’t Reflect

Muslin is a thick fabric and this makes it non-reflective. It can withstand any intensity of flash light or spotlight without reflecting it back. So one can be rest assured of no distractions and adjustments while they are shooting.

  1. Affordable

Compared to other backdrops used in photography, muslin is not very expensive. And whatever the initial cost one has to pay its worth keeping the durability factor in mind. Unless your taste changes and want to try your hand on some other backdrops, investment in muslin is a wise decision. 

  1. Fabric thickness

The fabric of muslin is thick to an extent that it blocks light to pass through it which is not the case with other fabrics. This property makes it an ideal backdrop for photography. Since it doesn’t allow light to reflect back, photographers can very well play with their camera’s flash light without worrying about objects behind the backdrop.

If by accident one spills some liquid over this fabric, its super absorbent property will quickly do its work. But the good news is muslin can take up machine wash and you can undo the mistake.

In past, muslin was effectively used for making dresses since it could be easily draped. Today, photographers find it extremely flexible to either drape it on objects, hang it on any support or simply put it as a backdrop.

Article By 69 drops Studio