Saturday 15 August 2020
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4Wedding Photography and Videography Tips to Consider in Sydney

4Wedding Photography and Videography Tips to Consider in Sydney

 As a wedding photographer, you need to take care of several things. Wedding day is a special day, but at the same time, it is a stressful day for couple as well as photographer. Your job of Wedding Photography and Videography in Sydney will become a lot easier if you have happy cooperative couples.

Here are a couple of other things, which you need to take care of when you are going to shoot.


Wedding requires a lot of planning, but unfortunately, things can turn upside down. Circumstances may change like couples breakup, but if you have a legal contract signed, then it will protect you. This will ensure that you receive your payment whatever the situation is. Moreover, you can also mention in your contract that what exactly the couple is demanding from you. Paying a visit to will make the things a lot easier for you.

Visit beforehand

You may find a difference of opinion because many photographers do not want to visit the venue beforehand. Whereas visiting the venue is beneficial for a beginner because he can prepare a couple of things in advance. On the contrary, a seasoned wedding photograph may call it a waste of time. The situation what you are seeing on the venue may not be the same when you will click the pictures. It may start raining and the light will not be the same. A beginner in photography will find out certain things and in accordance tothat, he will prepare for the shoot. This will also enhance his confidence before going to the wedding.

Note down the quick movements

A beginner in photography is supposed to make a list of quick movements. This will ensure that he will not miss any moment. Some of the moments are bouquet toss, sparklers, cake cut and confetti. If you are prepared to capture these moments, then you will click in an easy-going manner. You do not want these moments to take place when you are taking tea.

Discuss about the specific shots

This is the biggest day of bride and groom’s life. They want to remember this day for always and to capture those special moments that have hired you. You may be having some shots in your mind what you have discussed with the couple. In addition, you need to discuss with couple that with whom they want to capture a photo. At the end of the day, you do not want to hear that you have missed a photograph with great grandma or Auntie Sandra.